Friday, August 22, 2008

Great Sea Food Recipes

I love to cook especially for my beloved family. Although my wife is the chef at home, sometimes I cook off in the weekend and some of my dishes have better taste than her .. ha..ha.. Well, at least she admitted it. But wait a minute, I don’t know whether she told me the truth or just to encourage me so that I will cook at every weekend while she’s lying on the couch reading her favorite novel.. fikir But anyway, it’s no problem at all, I’m happy to see her happy --> good husband encem ha..ha.

We are food lovers, but we prefer eating seafood than red meat, especially my son, he is a food picker and he only want to eat if there are shrimps on the dishes. So we need to be more creative in cooking various dishes from shrimps. My wife and I always supply fresh shrimps in our refrigerator. We always use domestic seafood. Why domestic seafood, what’s the benefit for us by using domestic seafood? Because it’s really fresh, healthy and it has great taste. Whatever you recipes it’s important to use fresh seafood in your cook and need more idea to get great taste and I’m happy to found, the home site of annual most prestigious sea food cooking competition in America. This year competition was held on August 2 and 3 in New Orleans. Five best finalists with their awesome recipes have been nominated in “People’s Choice Recipe Contest”, now it’s our turn to vote our favorite recipe. After I saw the recipes, my favorite recipe is Texas Gulf Shrimp by Chef Mark Holley from Texas. The shrimps looked fresh and tempting. I believe that the sweet taste of jumbo shrimps will melt in our mouth… yummy!!lapar

Curious? Just visit the site, choose and vote for your favorite recipe because there is a "Trip to New Orleans" prize for lucky voter. Don’t miss it because this online contest is running until October 31, 2008.
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