Thursday, August 21, 2008

Find Out Are You Normal or Nuts

There is a new psychology article in Reader's Digest called “Are You Normal or Nuts? Here you can ask about your quirky questions and there will be an advice from trusted experts answering your question. I’ve read this article about people asking their quirks and not all quirks are cute. But one article that I found interesting was the person who asked whether his late 70’s mother is nuts or normal, because she likes to rearranges her heavy furniture like dressers and couches. She won’t listen every time her children told her that she is too old to do it.

This case reminds me of my grandmother, but since she can’t walk anymore, now she’s late 80, she asks anybody in the room to do it. And even she also checks all her dress in the wardrobe every early evening. She’s afraid that the maid forgets to put all her clothes after ironing. We have told her that she must not worry about that, everything is all set for her, but she just not listen. Although she’s on the bed or wheelchair, still her words are a command for us.

The answer from the experts opened my mind; they said What if she's just bored? Yes, maybe that’s the answer, can you imagine on the bed or wheelchair all day long without doing anything? Not because she do not want to, but because she can’t do it by herself.

So, Are You Normal or Nuts? Just post your quirky question and find out the answer from the experts.

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