Monday, June 30, 2008

The Amazing "Spain"

Who will know that Spain will be the winner of Euro 2008? Nobody guest that Fernando Torres will become a hero for his country. In Spain the winner UEFA EURO 2008 was received as a true heroes, they welcome by the tens of thousand of supporter in their country.

What's wrong with Germany? How they lose the game 1-0 from Spain? Even they lose the game, they still received welcome ceremony by their 300 fans in their country. I think Germany have good player, strategy and tactic, unfortunately they don not have big luck last Sunday.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another Green Cars

Good news for Auto lover. VW introduced VW hybrid, the other green cars. At the first time VW will produced only 20 cars, for prototype. The car will be launched in the market on 2012. Each will be supported by Sanyo lithium ion batteries that can run for 50 km, in full charge batteries, more than that the cars will be used conventional engine.

Not only hybrid cars that VW produced, but also hydrogen cars called as Tiguan Hymotion Fuell Cell that launch at Shanghai Motor Show 2007. View blog reactions

The Amazing "CRISS ANGEL Believe" Performance

I love illusion and magic trick, I always watching magician performer on TV, amazing, how they can do the impossible become possible things like that? I love Harry Houdini performers with his straitjacket, until now I still cannot believe what I am watching, how he can do it, I’m still curios about it? Now I love to see the modern magician, my favorite magician is Criss Angel, he can combine magic and entertainment to be more fun, more curiosity and more magic, just like his senior magician his even more unbelievable, have you seen his performer? You must see his performer, you will be amaze. Take a look what he does? He can walk through the glass, walking on water, even levitate from building to building just like superman..wooow. I wish he teach he me how he do it?
If you curious like me about the illusions and performances of CRISS ANGEL and how he can do the magic, then you have to see his live performance at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. The new Cirque Du Soleil performance featuring CRISS ANGEL called 'CRISS ANGEL Believe’ will be held on September 1 till September 11 from Friday to Tuesday at 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm. 'Criss Angel Believe' is not the ordinary magician performer, it will be a haunting exploration deep inside the inventive mind of mystifier Criss Angel. CRISS ANGEL Believe will present the arts of mysticism and illusion combine with theatrical. There will be a dancer, fantastical creatures, and impossible feats of legerdemain.
There’s a contest to win a pair of free tickets to watch CRISS ANGEL Believe, unfortunately it’s already closed since June 15, 2008. Any way congratulation to the winner, you’re the lucky person. It will be unforgettable performance Criss Angel.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Germany vs Spain

June 29, 2008 will be the final moment. Is it Germany or Spain will be the winner? more than 50.000 fans from Germany and Spain will be come to see the Euro 2008 final between Germany and Spain at Ernst-Happel Stadion. Which team gonna be the winner? we'll see that later. For your info guys, Michael Ballack germany captain maybe will not enter the field due to his calf injury. Can German survive without his inspirational captain? We'll see the answer tomorrow? Don't forget to watch the game and enjoy the moment guys. View blog reactions

I love my Chevrolet


I love cars, specially my cars, it’s a Chevrolet and I named my car as “the black”, why the black? Because it color is black and the black is never disappointed me, it can run very fastest and have good controlled system. The interior is cozy, elegance, and cool. Even my friends love my cars

I always love my Chevrolet and I’m sure you will love Chevrolet too. If you want one, go visit Chevrolet Europe.

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My Examination

Today I got my examination on my Magister Management,” Accounting Managerial”. I think it is an interesting lesson. I see that all management studies are very fascinating, and love to study it. Take a look my book; it’s very thick and heavy, and I still learn to study it, I try to read it very fast and understand the content. View blog reactions

"Zookoda" Drive traffic to your blog

Do you love blogging? And are you an active writer? If you do, you must be love when someone read your blog, your idea, your life story even your knowledge that you share at your blog. You must be love when the readers leave their comments at your blog. When they leave a comment means they linking to your blog at second hand you got traffic to your blog. Have you ever think to use email as your blog marketing and drive traffic automatically to your blog? Never! Then you should take a look Zookoda! What is Zookoda? Zookoda is an email marketing that enables blogger to send the latest post summary of your blog to your readers’ inbox. It is an easy way for you as blogger to promote new pos at your blog with Zookoda and attracting you visitor to return to your blog.

Zookoda enables you to schedule email marketing by daily, weekly or monthly and you free to manage your subscriber, free to design your newsletter, even create your own template. The best thing is Zookoda informed you with the real time reports to ensure that your email sent successfully to your visitor. If you already have valid RSS/Atom Zookoda will not replace it, because Zookoda is all Push Technology.

The great things of Zookoda is FREE for you, yes it is really FREE. You got free marketing gadget that help you to promote you blog and keep your blog audience informed. If you are really true blogger, you have to joint with Zookoda and enjoy traffic to your blog.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Russia going home

After Succeeds Winning from The Netherlands, Russia can not repeat their lucky from Spain. They played attacking, fast and attractive, but it's not enough to make them as the winner at Euro 2008.Spain has defeated Russia 3-0 at semi final on Thursday June 26, 2008, after all they remarkable player, hope they gonna be champion on the next Euro. Congrat for Spain and hope success in final.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Energy Saving with Dirt Devil "AccuCharge" Energy Star


Have you ever cleaned your house by yourself and no one help you to clean up your floor from food spilled, soda and not only food but also crumbs on your carpets, desk, even on your sofa? Can you imagine what a mess you got there if you have no one helps you to clean up the stuff? For me, I am going to be crazy if I have to do that.
Once, when our maid is taking off for couple days, my wife told me to buy a vacuum cleaner, but I’m not agree with her, buying vacuum cleaner means I have to spend more money in electricity cost, but she never give up pushing me to buy one and one day my wife introducing me with the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner that she had seen at her friend’s house. Well, in fact Dirt Devil is truly amazing, it’s exactly what I want, Dirt Devil with AccuCharge Technology has high-efficiency charging system that can reduce energy consumptions by 70%. AccuCharge is the first cordless vacuums to be Energy Star approved. Cleaning becomes fun and easy by using Dirt Devil Vacuums, I can save not only time but also money. Dirt Devil AccuCharge Technology cheers up my day. You should have Dirt Devil vacuums too.

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Thinnovation "Apple"

On May 13, 2008 Apple Indonesia launch the world’s thinnest notebook. It is coolest laptop that I ever seen. It calls MacBook Air. It includes an oversize trackpad with multi-touch technology and smart LED display. MacBook Air includes a built-in iSight camera. It’s so smartly integrated. So we can chat more fun with video setting, Cool. I hope I can buy this gadget.

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Let’s Go Green

Let’s Go Green and save our mother earth from disaster. Let’s share ideas to green at home and at work. Let’s start now to change ideas into action to prevent climate change. What you can do then? Well you can do by simple thing, like saving energy by using compact fluorescent light bulb, saving water, planting trees at your neighborhood. Let’s Go Green for a better world View blog reactions

Cleaning is fun with Dirt Devil AccuCharge "Energy Star"


Hoooray, it’s holiday, it’s my big opportunity to spend my time by swimming, reading, sitting on my relaxation chair, or maybe I call pizza and enjoy the movie that I buy last week. That’s a great idea to spend time and enjoy holiday, but too bad it’s only on my imagination, actually I already planning this from a long time, but today on my holiday my brother came to my house with his children, one is 5 years old boy old and the others is 4 years old girl and he wanted me to be baby sitter them. At that time I think everything will going to be alright.

At the first time it is very fun playing with them even I can swim too, then something terrible happen, when I am still swimming alone they go to the kitchen, they want to make a cereal with milk, then they watching TV at my living room. When I am checking them, I got surprised all food spilled on my kitchen floor, on my living room carpet and on my sofa, what a mess I got here, how should I clean this stuff? Lucky me I have new Dirt Devil cordless vacuums cleaner. With new AccuCharge Stick Vac from Dirt Devil, I can clean all the mess by myself, easy and faster. Not only that, my Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner has energy saver call AccuCharge Technology, do you know what is it mean? It means I can save money by using this vacuum, because Dirt Devil AccuCharge Technology is the first cordless vacuums to be Energy Star approved, it can reduce energy consumptions, it use 70% less energy. Dirt Devil AccuCharge has already saved me. Thank you Dirt Devil .

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I think I am going to change my Hand Phone with the new ones, because my hand phone is already old now, it’s always hang. I consider buying iPhone. It is the coolest hand phone that I ever seen, I can do browsing, reading email, and can manage my daily work calls. Take a look the iPhone appearance, nice right? I see that everybody love the iPhone.

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Working at "Socialpark" home for Mommy Bloggers

SocialSpark is a great place for us to blogging, have wide networking and spread link to the whole world. But you know something really good to tell to other bloggers about Socialpark! You can make money from Socialpark, not only looking for a friends and get link to their blog, but also you can make money by review some advertisement at Socialpark. It’s nice isn’t! You can do your blogging hobby at the same time you can earn cash too. When I found this opportunity, I have a great idea, with this opportunity; I think I know how my wife can earn some cash without leaving our children at home. Then I encourage her to join Socialpark and review some advertisement and yes, it is true! It’s really working. Now my wife can get extra money by reviewing some advertisement from Socialpark without leaving our children at home. Until now she’s still reviewing some opportunity at SocialSpark, she’s doing this when our children getting sleep. She’s feeling happy and fun about it, because she can take care of our children by herself without any worried if we leaved them to baby sitter.

Now my wife enjoys her new lifestyle and feels comfortable, she can play with the children and keep on working. She enjoys her quality of life time to spending with the children and watches them grow up. I think it is a great opportunity to all mommies’ bloggers to follow my wife path. If you are mommy bloggers and want to earn some money by review advertisement, you have to joint Socialpark now, and enjoy your life time with your children without having worried. Life can be more fun and meaningful if you sign up to SocialSpark.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Russia Beating Netherland

Everybody predict that Russia will be the winner as their success beating Netherland a few days ago. Russia rock their fan and show the world as the best team that cannot be underestimate by other teams. How about Turkey? Do you think they can win the game from Germany? Soon we will see that on June 26, 2008. Everyone says that Michael Ballack and friends have more big opportunity than Turkey, but who knows? From the beginning this games full of uncertainty and I really enjoy it. How’s about you? Just watch the games and you will find the answer. View blog reactions

"Socialspark" the right place for Advertisers

I really love blogging, why is it so? Because I can share my experience, my idea, my knowledge with others, I can get new knowledge’s and experiences by reading other blog, even I know about new product from blogging, for example I know that Fujitsu have wooden laptop by reading other blog, amazing, how the way we spread the news from blogging. I think it is the fastest way for the advertiser to advertise their product, especially at Socialspark. Why, because since I joint Socialpark, I got more reader, more traffic in just less than a week…it is great, right! Now, day by day I have more reader at my blog, I think Socialpark is unique, because I am not only have more readers looking at my blog but they becoming my friends too, sometime we share knowledge and idea online.

Do you know what I see from In my experience I see peoples create a big community in Socialspark, big community means hundreds even thousands of blog, reader, even peoples that link each other and it is fantastic. I think advertisers can use this link to advertise their products, me myself I love to pay attention to products like Laptop specially; Fujitsu, Sony and Toshiba, sports shoes like; Nike and Adidas.

If you are an advertiser, you have to advertise your products or brands at! It is a great way to get your products or brands being review and get attention directly from your customer.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Now Firefox is available in over 45 languages, woooow, even in Indonesia language. It’s great right. According to, in less than 48 hour, 10 million peoples downloaded Firefox 3, amazing. Mozilla claim that Firefox 3 full of innovation with a dozen of new feature will make Firefox 3 faster, safer and smarter than ever before. So what are you waiting for guys, let’s download the new Firefox 3 at
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New Internet Provider

Right now I'm very exciting with my new Internet provider ! The said they have fastest and reliable line, well let's see is it true or not?fikir . Until now I don not see any problem, everything is running smoothly and the happy thing is I can download everything and no limitation..woooowsembah. Cool right.... View blog reactions

Turkey Go to quarterfinal

Amazing, Turkey can defeat Croatia by Penalty with score 3-1 sembah, with this result Turkey will face German at quarterfinal. I think Turkey have to play with full energy and good tactic, mention that Turkey face one of the best team at Europe.

Meanwhile, as I predicted that Ballack and his team can go to quarterfinal at the first time, but can they defeat Turkey to go to final? We will see that moment! German must show a good strategy and real tactic to beat Turkey, German should not underestimate Turkey if they want to go to final. I think this games more and more interesting, full of uncertainty result that we cannot predict.

Photo source Getty Immage

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Wooden Laptop - Green Technology

Do you ever imagine that laptop from wood? No, never, even impossible laptop from wood!!fikir, well you have take a look this picture closely. Yes, you see that it is true a laptop made from wood? It's Fujitsu Laptop that show at Japan Design Innovation 2008, amazing right. The Laptop was design by Japanese Team that specialises in wooden product. Not only wooden laptop that Fujitsu made, but also biodegradable laptop that made from 30% bio-plastic case called Fujitsu's Biblo NX95.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Netherland won the game

Hoooraaaay. The Netherlands won the games. The Netherlands proved themselves to be the best team after won from Romania 2-0. You see that The Netherlands has the talent, good skill, strength and mentality. If you watch the games you will feel excited, if not, you must see it. Romania plays beautifully and Romania shown the desire to win, they play active and attacked more. At the first time I thinks they will be the winner, but their unlucky, The Netherlands still have the goods skill and great experience that cannot defeated by them.


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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Tonight it's very exciting night cause my hero netherland will play, hope the orange will win the games and go to the next prestigious leveldoa. Here we go the schedule for the next two days guys, don't miss it. It's a great games, great player in one place, of course very spectacular even.

Tuesday 17 June 2008
21 Grp C Netherlands 20:45 Romania Berne - Stade de Suisse
22 Grp C France 20:45 Italy Zurich - Letzigrund

Wednesday 18 June 2008
23 Grp D Greece 20:45 Spain Salzburg - EM Stadion Wals-Siezenheim
24 Grp D Russia 20:45 Sweden Innsbruck - Tivoli Neu

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Green Cars

Interested in green cars ? or still confuse whether buy regular car or hybrid car ? before you made decision, just consider to save our earth from pollution and CO2 gas, imagine that everyday we always take a deep breath, we have a fresh air, no air pollution. We can make that beautiful world by buying this hybrid product, said that Honda with Honda Civic Hybrid and Toyota with Toyota Prius and so many more cars hybrid specification that launch by cars producer. What should we do then? We suppose to support these cars and Go Green to Save our Earth.

Let's Go Green and Save Our Earth
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Top scorers euro 2008

David villa – Spain becomes the top scorers at euro 2008 with 4 goals and make Spain as the second top goal Goals scored in this years. The second top scorer is Lukas Podolski – Germany with 3 goals. The top Goals scored team is the orange Netherlands. View blog reactions