Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fixing Printer

Today I'm trying to fix my old printer "Epson C63", actually I can't say it's old because since I bought it I never use that printer until today I want to print my script then its off..I don't know what's the problem? for a moment a thought maybe the ink are empty, but I realize I never used it, so why its empty? so I call to Epson Service Centre and they're suggesting me to bring it to them and let them check the printer head...I hope they can fix it and i can use it immediately. View blog reactions

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Shooping Tiiiime

Let's go to IKEA, I mean let's go to Singapore and buy everything at IKEA....Shop till you drop! or bankrupt !!! no no not bankrupt, I hope I still have money to go home..ha.ha..ha, here's one sample that we want to buy at IKEA, a three seat sofa. Its looks like very cozy and comfortable. Let's check it out when we arrive there, see you

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


At last I Can have a long holiday with my family. Do you have any idea where we have to go to spend our holiday?.hmmm bali..booooring, to many time to Bali... how's about Singapore? hmmmm...possible, buy something at IKEA, furnitures, home equipment,etc...anything else..sleeping...Ohhh that's not me, I don't want to go to sleep..maybe go fishing to the seaa..interesting right. Catch big fish, enjoy the sunset and swimming....that's would be great..waht do you think about that?? View blog reactions

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Frames

I love to browse internet everyday and sometimes I didn’t forget to visit the popular online eyeglasses shop, Zenni Optical to find out what is new in there. Besides $8 complete Rx Eyeglasses, this month they also have the amazing collection of Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical. Well, it is that I’ve been looking for!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Busy day

This week is my busy days. There are so many work to do at office,at home even at my college. The important thing about this week is I have to face my examination. I have three tests, corporate finance, marketing and human resources. I think i can go trough marketing and human resources, but finance !!! Its make me dizzy, I just hope that I can pass all exam and get an A. View blog reactions

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Personalized Holiday Gift

For some people gift is not just a thing we send to other person. A gift is an act of appreciation we send to special person to show him or her that we care about them and want to make them able to take the advantage from the gift we send. That is why, if you are one of those people, you must be confused in choosing suitable gift for your loved ones for this Christmas holiday. Take a look at and find great idea you can consider as gift to your loved ones.

This website is offering 20% off for the great personalized gift ideas. What I mean with personalized is the functional stuff you can personalize to be more valuable for the receiver. Take a look at the Personalized Thumb Drives that available in 14 colors. Pick the favorite color of the recipient, choose from the 32 exciting themes that will be suitable with the occasion and engrave two lines of personalization text on the reverse side.

Those personalized holiday gifts are also available for the pens, business card flash drives and even the wooden USB flash drives. Just pick the one that will be suitable with the recipient' personality and you will be glad finding out that your gift will not end up in store box.


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Thomas and Marvel

At last Marvel got a new friend, names Thomas. His grandma give it to him. He loves Thomas very much, looks what he do with Thomas. View blog reactions

Monday, December 1, 2008 Review

People need to be served for their needs of medicals by the providers who are the best at the quality. It aims to ensure them that their safety relied on the correct persons. Otherwise, it will harmful if they have some kind of untrustworthy persons to rely on.

Therefore, those who want to have the carrier in such medical fields, have to equip themselves to make this mission accomplished. And in fact, sometimes they will be impeded by the stuffs like fees. But to do such, they do not have to be in some kind of hassle to look for the service in order to make them well educated in being the great medical assistants. Why is it so? It is all because there have been medical assistant schools that they can get online by the internet and this is a kind of way they can get a better medical education in such a lower cost.
This service can be gained by logging on to the website. This website is providing the way a visitor can apply for some classes to educate him or her in such a comprehensive medical assistant program, and of course all done by online only. View blog reactions

Monday, November 24, 2008

Marvel Favorite Song

Marvel love to sing a Thomas and Friends Song, He can sing that song in a long day while he's playing with his Thomas. He love Thomas very much, he never allow me to touch that train. He always keep his Thomas on his pocket and always sleep with it.

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Delicious Meals for Flat Belly

Are you a part of those lucky people who always eat much but hard to increase the weight? Or are you a part of the unfortunate ones who try their hardest to keep their weight balanced but still don't get satisfying result? If you are a part of the last group, you have to try the flat belly diet. This diet is now become the most popular among those who always try new diets that will effectively reduce fat.
How can flat belly diet become so popular? It is simply because you don't have to struggle with heavy exercise, inedible meals, or even liposuction to have a great slim body likes what you always dream. You just have to follow the meal plans with delicious recipes and watch your nutrition.

If you are interested to this diet, prevention magazine is giving away Flat Belly Diet membership. You just have to sign up as soon as possible to the Flat Belly Diet Facebook group because the first 500 people that signed up to this group will receive 3 month memberships to the Flat Belly Diet Online Companion Program. You will get customized meal plans and shopping lists, hundreds of delicious recipes. You can also share and read the experiences of the other members here to find out if they have already reach the dream result, a good way for motivation.

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New Pic of Marvel

Hi Guys take a look new pic of my son Marvel, he's handsome right..ha..ha.hajelir. He's a big boy now and love to drive a car..the small one off courseHere's the way he want to show of his car..hiding behind his car and you know, nobody may borrow it, including me.sedih.hmmm View blog reactions



It was surprising me when I know that Obama won the Presidency Election and not only me who is surprise with the result but also my big family. He amazes me and I always wonder how he can reach that success until I read a report called Obamanomics. A report that full of detailed information on how Obama can reach so many supporters that make him won the campaign and put him as the new President of America. One of the importance things that make him won is the power of information. Obama used social media in his campaign. He knew how to use social media to become his weapon to communicate with his supporter.

Obama is very smart to use social media to get connect with his followers. In this way he builds a big social network to get contact and interact with his supporter and follower, he even can speak individually and directly to them. This report shows us how that social media is become the best tool to deliver a message. It’s the new way of marketing channel that McCain never realized. Compared to his rival McCain, Obama has dominated the web over 250%. No wonder Obama has become popular. You should read this Obamanomics report and see the detailed analysis and statistic how Obama won the campaign.
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Friday, November 21, 2008

Ask Your Kids to Help Nat Get His Mojo Back


With the development in our technological aspect nowadays, we can take a lot of positive effects from it. It is including supporting our kids to learn in a more advanced way, especially through internet. However, we can't avoid that there are a lots of negative side of technology, the side that might bring out danger to your kids. If you can't do anything to remove the danger of internet, why don't you just make prevention by monitoring their internet activity and let them to enjoy the site that suitable for them such as the
This website will provide your kids with various kind of entertainment combined with education. Instead of forbid your kids to use the internet, you can recommend this site to them so they will not visit inappropriate site. Ask them to join the Operation Mojo in this website. It is a game where Nat, personnel of the naked Brothers Band has lost his Mojo.

This game will be quite fund for your kid. They can watch and share the YouTube video of Nat Wolff, help Nat by subscribing to Nat's You Tube Channel, and make it their home page. Just remember on always monitor their internet activity and let them learn and play on internet in a fun and save way.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Studying"Financial Corporate"

Huuuuaaaah, I'm very tired right now, because I have to study this book "Financial Management", My god I don't think I understand it. You know what? I have to read this book over and over again...and you think I will understand're wrong..noop, I am still confusedgile..ha..ha..ha.ha.
Do you know how to study Financial in easy way, please share with me pals, I already got headache....and I want to screaaaamm.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatension View blog reactions

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I found this interesting website that enables you to access and interact with your friends. Its fascinating, because you can make free calls and chat with all your fring such as Google Talk, ICQ, Yahoo ect. Off course it saves money. Its easy using fring and you can star talking or chating with your friend. You can download Fring here.

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King Abdullah University Scholarship

Hi guys, There’s a new scholarship program from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia for college student in 3rd years of Science and Technology from all university. You can find the information at:kenyit

The Indonesian International Education Foundation
Menara Imperium 28th Floor, Suite B
Metropolitan Kuningan Superblok Kav. 1
Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said
Jakarta 12980
Phone: (62-21) 831 7330
Fax: (62-21) 831 7331
Email: diana.jahja@

You have to enroll the program by online at before NOVEMBER, 9 2008. If you need more information you can contact:callme

The Indonesian International Education Foundation (IIEF)
Phone: (62-21) 831 7330 adacall
Fax: (62-21) 8317331,
email: id View blog reactions

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Football Web TV

Do you love football? Everybody loves football. It’s very interesting games in the world, full of energy and tactics to create a goal. I love this game and my favorite is watching English Premier League. My favorite team is Manchester United because it’s the best team that has won Premier League for ten times. Usually I watch them play on TV or from the Web TV. Recently there is a new Web TV that has been launched; it’s a Carlsberg web-TV-channel The channel is about football and fan life. You can see all about the football from classic football till today football and you will find the football fan too. Interesting right! You can find it at

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Perfect "Hotel Casco Antiguo" Home

Recently my best friend asking me, where do you want to go for the next vacation? I don’t have any plan for my vacation, I said, and then He told me that he wants to go to America and he wants me to join him? Why America, why not another country such as England, France, German or another Europe countries, suddenly I remembered that he studied there, no wonder he want to go to America because he’s still take his MBA there at Texas, he must be joking. He will go there, with or without any vacation plan! Suddenly he shows me a picture, a picture of The Famous Panama Canal and The Hotel Casco Antiguo at Panama City. He’s very interesting to go to Panama Canal, but the most interesting me is The Hotel. At the first time I see the hotel; I know it’s unique, historical and interesting architectural building. The hotel is located in the southwest of the city on a small peninsula and surrounding by other heritage colonial buildings. When I see the picture, I think it’s a beautiful, warm and cozy hotel and my friend agree with me. The hotel has 34 suites room, Internet access, plasma TV, and complete Wi-Fi readiness in rooms, a private courtyard, a business center, a world-class roof-top spa and if you love to swim, it has an open air pool with panoramic views of the Panama City, Pacific Ocean and the Panama Canal.

My friend and I agree, it’s an exclusive Hotel. The Hotel Casco Antiguo is the best place to live with good historical neighborhood and the best place to invest. If you curios like me about the hotel, you can see the complete information at Http:// or Register for an eBrochure Here .

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Motor " GP 500" Bike

Marvel Has a new hobby. Right now he love to watch GP 500. He will scream when the bike is running very fast and passing another bike. His favorite is the Red one. Since he found this new hobby, Me or his mom cannot watch another program besides GP 500.sengihnampakgigi
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Friday, October 24, 2008

Fishing Time

One of my hobbies is fishing. Usually I go fishing with my brother on the sea and He always brings his own fishing tools. He has never left his Evo Tool Knives made by Gerber Knives. He really love this knife because it can be used for cutting wire, opening bottle, opening can etc. He said it is very helping knives when he was fishing. View blog reactions

Starting My Own Small Business

These days traffic jam is getting worst and I have to spend hours to go to the office every day. I have to go in the early in the morning and come home in the night. It really makes me tired and lost my precious time with family. Maybe I should apply on and have a small business at home so that I can spend more time with my family. What do you think?
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New "MacBook" Apple Laptop

Good news for you MacBook lover. Recently on October 14, 2008 Apple has introduced the new 13 inch MacBook. It has been completely redesigned and reengineered.Its more thinner and lighter but its strong and durable. You have to try to pick it up then you will notice the difference. The new MacBook is using Multi-Touch Trackpad. Apple claim that MacBook is a Greener MacBook because it made from recyclable aluminum and glass. Its greener than ever. Curious, take a look The New Aple 13 Inch MacBook.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Shopping Online Experience

Shopping online is more and more popular these days. Many of us have ever been tried purchasing gifts for ourselves or for our beloved one by online on the internet. I, myself always buy some books or gifts by online and I love to do it because it’s easy, simple and secure. It’s Easy because I just clicking the things that I needed, off course before I click it, I already checking the books or the gifts first and very simple because you don’t have to waste your time by going to the store to look for the gifts. It’s secure because I don’t have to go out there by bringing a lot of cash, just use my credit card or my debit card and in a few days, regularly in one day my gifts or books that I needed have arrived at my home. You can find any kind of gifts at shopping online? Such as anniversary gift, wedding gifts, gifts for women, gifts for men, etc.

Once I have an experience, a day before my son birthday, I have been panicked due to I forgot to buy a gift for my son birthday and that day I have to go to out of town, no time to go to gift shop. He asking me to buy him a new story book and my wife’s already reminds me about this a week ago. Lucky me, I remember about shopping online, as usual I just click the gift that I needed and thanks god for saving my day, the gift has arrived in time and my boy looks so happy.
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Monday, October 6, 2008

New Games

I just try a new action games, its fun, more enemies, guns, heavy military vehicle and airplane. You should try. I am sure you will be like it as I am. Its Commando2 from Miniclip. Just try it. It can release your stress, believe me. Enjoy the game View blog reactions

Monday, September 29, 2008


I am very interesting to invest my money and I have read a lot about investment. Don’t you know there’re various investment products on the market? There’re bond, like government bond, or you can invest in mutual fund or maybe in security and the most familiar is in deposit. All the investment especially security, bond and mutual have their own risk, even very risky. If you realize the risk it can make you bankrupts, off course it happens if your analytical is really bad, miscalculation and your prediction is very low. If I am considering all of the risks, I think I prefer invest in save investment like deposit, off course the gain is very low too. So what I have to do then? I need to invest in good investment with confidence with high gain too, but I really need a good advice, good analytical. I need a quality-investing tool that I can trust.

How can I do that? Lucky me, A few a days ago I read about Inner 8. It’s gives sophisticated tools for user to get good analytical. It’s building a community that gives us available analytical advice. Inner8 help us to build our smart, private, inner-cycle in easy ways and Its easy to create our own Inner8 circle, you can select your own group communities that can help you to make a good investment opportunities and the best thing is you can build your knowledge base, even you can contribute to share your ideas. So what are you waiting for, let’s joint Inner8, it will give you the answer you need before you make you investment decision.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Hellboy and his teams must have save the world from the rebellious creature. His team are Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, his pyrokinetic girlfriend Liz and Abe Sapien. Its less than thrilled. You must seen this movie. View blog reactions

Bye-bye Eyeglasses

I’ve been wearing eyeglasses for 14 years and sometimes I feel uncomfortable with it. I also had tried contact lens.I felt more comfortable and confident when using it, but since my eyes got irritated, I stopped using it and back to eyeglasses.
I’ve heard a buzz about LASIK technology and read testimonials from people who have benefited from LASIK. But I’m still not too sure about this eye surgery but curious at the same time. I browsed some sites to find more LASIK information and found out that there is a modern Lasik technology called iLASIK where it uses two lasers instead of one, as in earlier versions of the procedure. The combination of these advanced laser technologies creates a custom-fit procedure clinically proven to provide excellent safety and visual results.

This technology has been proven by over 12 million people in the United States, even the Department of Defense (DOD) and NASA have used this iLasik procedure to their personnel. They have validated the fact that today’s LASIK exceeds all established standards of safety and effectiveness. The evaluation result showed that 95% achieved 20/20 uncorrected vision or better. Well, after knowing about all this fact, maybe I should consider iLASIK procedure and ready to say goodbye to my eyeglasses.
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How to get a scholarship

There are so many scholarships that available for you. You have to spend your time and effort to get it, but how? Maybe you can follow this instruction to get ones;nerd
• You have to start looking a scholarship at least a year before you entering the college. You have to make a decision which country and which school that you want.
• You have to recognize, what is the offering of the programs, is it affordable for you? The expenses, the tuition fee, are the program handles all the expenses or not?
• Try to achieve higher TOEFL and GMAT if you want to get MBA program.
• Complete the application and fill it with the general question such as name, address, citizenship, etc.
• Provide necessary information such as total family income, number of children etc.doa

Good luck and have a nice scholarship.sengihnampakgigi
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tako-gotchi "Banzai" Games

Do you remember the game called Tamagotchi? I think it’s an interesting game, simple, amazing and off course fun. On that game I can have digital pet that I have to feed, care, and train. The pet can be a dog or fish. I have to take care of the pets from baby until it grows. It’s a funny game ever!

Recently I found a new game at Banzai. I think it’s similar as Tamagotchi, it’s called Tako-gotchi. After playing it many times, I think the game is more interesting and exciting, you can feed the octopus with a fish or sushi, and you can ask it to drink. You’re not only can feed it but also ask the octopus to watch a TV or to sing a song. It’s really funny games, even my son love playing this game again and again. My son laughed very loud when he watched the octopus drink and then splash the water. I think the funniest moment is when I play the fate and ask the octopus to play with a knife, he accidentally cut his own tentacle. You must be curious, right? Why don’t you try Tako-gotchi right now? Have a super happy fun time!

ScreenLife Games is at it again. They launched a new Banzai game. Check it out:

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Mini Notebook

What kind mini note book do you have? Not even ones? You have take a look mini notebook galery below, It will be envy you. You must have one of these new mini notebook, its cool and fantastic. Its really mini and high tech, start from Dell dells-mini-inspiron, HP Compaq 2133, Fujitsu LifeBook U810 Mini Notebook, Asus Ee PC and Sony PCG-U101. Enjoy the gallery.

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