Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Perfect "Hotel Casco Antiguo" Home

Recently my best friend asking me, where do you want to go for the next vacation? I don’t have any plan for my vacation, I said, and then He told me that he wants to go to America and he wants me to join him? Why America, why not another country such as England, France, German or another Europe countries, suddenly I remembered that he studied there, no wonder he want to go to America because he’s still take his MBA there at Texas, he must be joking. He will go there, with or without any vacation plan! Suddenly he shows me a picture, a picture of The Famous Panama Canal and The Hotel Casco Antiguo at Panama City. He’s very interesting to go to Panama Canal, but the most interesting me is The Hotel. At the first time I see the hotel; I know it’s unique, historical and interesting architectural building. The hotel is located in the southwest of the city on a small peninsula and surrounding by other heritage colonial buildings. When I see the picture, I think it’s a beautiful, warm and cozy hotel and my friend agree with me. The hotel has 34 suites room, Internet access, plasma TV, and complete Wi-Fi readiness in rooms, a private courtyard, a business center, a world-class roof-top spa and if you love to swim, it has an open air pool with panoramic views of the Panama City, Pacific Ocean and the Panama Canal.

My friend and I agree, it’s an exclusive Hotel. The Hotel Casco Antiguo is the best place to live with good historical neighborhood and the best place to invest. If you curios like me about the hotel, you can see the complete information at Http:// or Register for an eBrochure Here .

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