Thursday, July 31, 2008

Airless Tire

Can you imagine tires without air? Impossible, at the first time I said like that too until i see this video from Michelin. Michelin new invention the airless tire make it happen..Its absolutely new technology, so we don't have to worry about deflated and the tires is very flexible. We'll wait when this tire are ready in the market.tepuktangan

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sports Travel

Do you like sport travelling? I do, it’s very exciting, fascinating and absolutely fun, because I can see the competition right in front of my eyes. My last sport travelling is watching F1 in Malaysia. It was a good race and good travelling, but I have a difficult time to get the ticket and hotel room. I told this to my friend. He suggest me if I want to do sport travelling I should go to professional sport travel agent. Why I have to use their service? He told me if I used their service my travelling time will be fun and comfortable.
The best travel agent that he suggests is Worldwide Sports Travel, he told me that I can rely on them and the good thing is they are offering competitive price and high quality service. Not only Sports Travel that Worldwide Sports Travel delivered, but also they are offering the finest and an exciting range of CORPORATE HOSPITALITY events that they are offering in the UK and overseas.
Worldwide Sports Travel will give you the best experience of sport travelling and the finest corporate hospitality to develop your business relationship. Worldwide Sports Travel surely can fulfill whatever your requirement. The best thing is they have Worldwide Sporting Ticket and Hotel Packages services that you can access all the time. So what are you waiting for, go on access them to get the best experiences!
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Friday, July 25, 2008

A Journey To Pramuka Island

On Saturday 19-20, 2008 i got a chance traveling to Pramuka Island, a part of Thousand Island, the scene at that Island is beautiful and the best things is i can snorkeling, there's so many beautiful fishes, colorful fishes and I go to Bandeng Keramba too, lucky me, I have a chance to see Bandeng fishing out at the keramba. I will tell you the whole story. you can take a look the scene of Pramuka Island below. View blog reactions

Best "Golf Vacation" Holiday


Where is your favorite vacation? Hawaii with the beautiful beach or maybe you interesting with the new places, new adventure, new atmosphere, and a new vacation plan, what if I told you to go Golf Vacations, Yeah Golf Vacation why not? I think it’s great spending your time by playing golf, but where you have to play golf? You can consider Las Vegas, Why Las Vegas? Because the has better offering for you, they can give you the lowest prices in Las Vegas Golf Packages, the packages are including hotel accommodation and golf at the course of your choice. If you are planning to go with your group, will help you and your group to plan a perfect golf vacation in Vegas by creating customized packages for groups. They will give you excellent pricing for the unforgettable Golf experience in Las Vegas.

So what are you waiting for? It’s the best golf and hotel packaged. Let’s go Golf Vacations in Las Vegas and spend a better holiday in Las Vegas. Have a nice Holiday.sengihnampakgigi

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Drink Water Treatment

Yesterday I read a good article about Drink water treatment in Japan and I want to share with you. Maybe you already know this treatment. In Japan it’s popular to drink water immediately after waking up every morning, it’s proven to cure Headache, body ache, heart system even cancer, etc. The method of treatment is very simple. What you have to do is, as you wake up in the morning you must drink 4 x 160 ml glasses of water, but don’t brush your teeth firsttakbole, if you unable to drink 4 glasses you can starting by taking little water and gradually increase it to 4 glasses a day, after that you can brush your teeth but don’t eat takboleor drink anything for 45 minute, after that you can eat and drink normally. After breakfast, lunch and dinner don’t eat or drink anything for 2 hours. The treatment will cure the diseases and you can enjoy a healthy life.sengihnampakgigi
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IT "Cisco" Certification

Have you ever wonder what is the job that always grows very fast? It’s IT, Yes, Technology development is changing very fast, every day, and every month even every year there’s a new technology that delivered to the world and its need a professional people to handle the technology. In other hand, career in IT is the best career, it’s always growth and I see the better future in this career. I myself, working in technology department and I feel that I must develop myself to increase my knowledge and my company aware with this issue. My company sees that our global world needed the best IT professional that have better qualification, good knowledge of new technology, well train, and have certification. Why we need a certification, because the trend right now, Company not only need a professional people, but they needed a specialist. Become specialist mean we have to enhancing our skill, knowledge and become high qualified people in IT career development. If you build your career in IT like me, you need to get yourself become certify and you can get this at Cisco certification. There are four level at Cisco certification; Entry, Associate, Professional and Expert level. Each level has its own specific programs.
Cisco certification is the best place for you to enhance your IT career. Even My Company encourages me to take the Cisco Certification in IP Networking and Security, because the rising of networking technology creating a high demand qualified IT specialist to support business and Cisco Certification equipped the trainee with the most up to date understanding of new networking technology and Cisco makes sure that its certification holders have mastered the skill needed in today’s workplace.
Career in IT is a good career, but you must have competency and high qualified skill. It’s time for you to get Certification and become professional. So come on enroll yourself at Cisco Certification and star to build better future in IT Career. What you have to do is click here “Cisco certification” and the future is yours.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Mitsubishi Evo X

Mitsubishi will launch Evo X, the new sport car from the Evo family. It is the best car ever. Evo 10 uses the new machine an all –new-turbocharged inline 4 will provide big power with six- speed-dual clutch transmission. Evo X has an addition such as active suspension and active steering responsive, feel natural and progressive as ii does in the Evo IX. Mitsubishi Evo 10 cabin is very huge and there will be a navigation system to be installed in the car.
The car specification is
- 4WD
- 280 PS
- 422 nm
- 1420 kg (RS)
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Join “GetPaidToTry” The New Way to Earn Money

Do you love blogging and surfing on the internet? Then you must be interesting to make money on the internet? Is it really can? Yes of course you can make money on the internet. The famous way is by blogging. There’s a lot of opportunity making money by blogging, but there’s another way to make money on-line. Take a look at GetPaidToTry site, it’s another way to earn money from the internet. It’s easy, what you have to do is sign up right now, and the good thing is you can get $20 for just signing up and completing the member bonus.

I really love GetPaidToTry, it is a good site, because we can get paid by taking surveys and we can test the product for free. You have to try GetPaidToTry, what you have to do is Click here to begin and enjoy the new way of making money online. It’s an easy way for us to make money, you don’t have to spend all your time. Why don’t you take a look the site and start to study how’s it work? You must be surprised on how easy to make money on-line with GetPaidToTry.
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Presentation Part 2

Today is my second Persentation. I think the presentation is quiet easy for today, cause me and my time already prepared the presentation a long long time ago. We di some interview for the result and we hope everything will be allright just like my first presentation. The first is the difficult and the hardest one, because we have to calculate the accounting concept and non of us is experience in accounting. Thanks God is already over.

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The Great "WarGames" Movies

I Love watching a movie and my favorite movie is The Terminator that was released in 1982. The movie is about the war between human and robots. I think it is the greatest action movies ever. How's about you, what is your favorite movies?

Do you remember WarGames? I’m sure you do, it is a great movie in the 80's and everybody knows about it. If you like the movie, there's good news for you, there will be WarGames 25th Anniversary back on the screen on Thursday July 24th, 2008 in the selected movie theaters nationwide. Other good news is, it includes never seen before interviews with the film's creator and cast. And the greatest thing is you will get a sneak peek at the making of the sequel War Games: The Dead Code.
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Late at Night

It’s about a week now for me and my team member to prepared the first presentation. Well that we thought at the first time, but actually we prepared it almost a month, including the interview to the company representative. They helpful so much and they very interesting about ourresearch, and they ready to help us.
You know what for almost a month we always sleep lat at night, sleep about 3 hours a day. What a tired life, but a better future sill be. Thanks God.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Find Your Best Collection

I have a favorite band that I love it until now. I Love the band because their music is easy to listen and the lyric is easy to follow, so I am always singing their song all the time at any place, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, anywhere. Do you want to know who’s my favorite band is? Bon Jovi. I really love their song. It’s a rock and rolls but easy to listen. I know Bon Jovi from my big brother. He always plays Bon Jovi song all the time. I still remember the Bon Jovi song that he always plays, it’s Livin’On A Prayer. Livin’On A Prayer is a good song. When I heard this song, it’s full of energy and good lyric. Thanks to my brother that already introducing me to Bon Jovi

My brother is Bon Jovi collector. He has all Bon Jovi Albums. He even knows all Bon Jovi song and can memories the lyric very well. A few years ago he lost Livin’On A Prayer Album when we moving to our new home, we try to look for the album, too bad we can not find it anywhere. Recently I found a They have a huge rare collection. At I can find my favorite Rare Vinyl Records and Memorabilia. The good thing is my big brother can find his los Livin’On A Prayer collection at If you are album collectors too, you must stop by at and star collecting your favorite memorabilia. You will find many great things there, album song, clothes, CD and the best thing is you will have the best buy.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Air Car

What do you have in mind when thinking about green cars? fikir The new Hybrid cars or maybe the new Fuel Cells Model! Nop, we’re not getting to talk about that kind of cars, even until now there’s so many car producer already produce and launch the hybrid and fuel cells to the market. I want to introduce you another green cars concept. It called Air Car Technology? It’s a car that runs on compressed air. The car can be solely powered by compressed air or combined with gasoline, diesel or ethanol as in hybrid or fuel cells. It’s really the best innovation and the true green car. Take a look the air car below, its nice car and no pollution at all.sembah

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Are You Ready?

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When you crush on beautiful woman, you probably want to know everything about her, talk with her or even ask her for a date. The reality is that some guys are good with women and some are not. Which side are you? To help you get there today there are basic steps of “how to attract woman”, they are: get well dressed, smell good and be a more interesting person. And also don’t forget to style your hair. You should be looked neat at every occasions, but don’t follow Elvis’ or Superman’s hair style, I think it’s outdated. Try to create your own Victory Hair, it will show your true personality.

After all these steps, now are you confident enough to through all of this? Well, there is another important step as the final touch. It is learn how to flirt, most of women like it. You can learn how to flirt through a live widget called the Ultimate Flirting Championship from Extreme Style by VO5. It’s an on-line game where you are given some questions by a female judge, and try to answer all the questions with your best lines. And find out whether it’s working with woman or not. By putting the widget on your blog, you can play it any time. I’m sure it will help you to sharpen your flirting ability. Guys, now you are ready!
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Prevent From Mosquito

Are you annoyed with mosquito? I live in the country with a tropical climate, where there are lots of mosquitoes especially at night, they really bug me. I even couldn’t sleep well every night. Since my son allergic to chemical substances, we stop using the insecticide. We prefer using the mosquito racket, no chemical at all. But in the magazine that I’ve been read, I found out that they are some plants that can prevent us from insect, such as: Geranium, Lavender and Rosemary. Maybe I should try one of these. It’s also a great idea to give some fresh air at our home.
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Who’s Glenn Beck?

Do you know Glenn Beck? Glenn Back is a famous talk’s show host on radio and TV. His political satire comedy is very popular in US. He has Million listeners that love to hear about his intelligent opinion and his not afraid to tell the truth about the current political issues on his political satire comedy.

If you curios about Glenn Beck performance, how he delivered his truth opinion, you can watch his video from the Glenn Beck Website then you have to bookmark on your agenda on July 17th because Glenn Beck will perform live via FathomEvents to select movie theaters nationwide on that date. It is guarantee to be a funny show and a great entertainment.You must watch it.

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Wrist Watch Mobile Phone

Have you ever imagine a wrist watch mobile phone? Impossible! Nothing is impossible, take a look the picture closely. Yes it is a wrist watch mobile phone. It’s cool and very unique even the phone has file manager, multimedia player and a camera, amazing right. The navigation button is easy to use, just like ordinary mobile phone.

Many producers have already launched a wrist watch mobile phone on the market, such as LG, Hyundai and M800. Each of the producers has their own unique mobile phone and has their own style. It’s the new way to get your style and be the first to have it. It’s an amazing innovation.
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Enjoy Your Flirt

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There is a fun and interesting live widget called the Ultimate Flirting Championship from Extreme Style by VO5. It’s an on-line game where you can test your flirting abilities. And if you are chosen as the best flirter, you can win the Victory Hair. I really suggest you guys to try it before you flirt with beautiful woman. You don’t want to be look like a creep, do you? Because these days, I still find a guy out there who is still using this worst pick up line, such as “Excuse me, do you have your phone number, I've seem to have lost mine”. C’mon, where do you live??
So put this widget in your blog and keep sharpen your flirting abilities. Enjoy your flirt!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Spare Time

What do you usually do in your spare time? Some people spend their spare time with their family at home or go to shopping at the mall. But for me, I love spending my spare time by reading a book or watching movies with my son. The last movie that I saw was Kungfu Panda. It is a funny movie that I’ve ever watch. You absolutely must see it. The action is very funny, even my sons love it and trying to be The Panda. My sons follow the way The Panda talking, laughing, walking; even he is doing the martial art like The Panda. You really must to see the movie and you will love it like we do
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Monday, July 7, 2008

SocialSpark, The Best Way of Blogging!!

The first time I know about SocialSpark is from my friend. She sent me an email about new networking that has been release, she’s think it’s pretty cool networking. You can make friends and make money also from this networking. The first time she told me about SocialSpark, I am still wondering how to build a network and make money also? To satisfy my curiosity I sign up at SocialSpark and it’s very easy to sign up. At SocialSpark I try to make a friend, I never thought it’s very easy make friends at SocialSpark, and I never realize that already make a link to my blog too.

The greatest think about SocialSpark is you can earn some money..WooooW cool, I never found any networking like SocialSpark before, and the good New for you blogger is, it’s easy to sign up to earn money. What you have to do is write at least 10 pre-existing posts in your blog in the last 30 days then you have to follow the verification step. It’s important for you to follow the verification step if you want to get an opportunity to make some money. If you find a problem, don’t worries SocialSpark will guide you to fix the problem and they will send you a message how to fix it.

You know what I really like from SocialSpark is they have good code of ethic as mention below;
• 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
• 100% Transparency
• 100% Real Opinions
• 100% Search Engine Friendly

Let’s build a better networking and bond on the Internet with SocialSpark and this is a great community ever for blogger. You can share your idea, knowledge, make friends and you can earn some money too and the good think is you are free to write about your thoughts on an advertiser’s product or service. You must sign up to SocialSpark now and enjoy the new way of blogging.

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F1 New Regulation

The competition between F1 teams is more interesting. Each team is trying to be the best team. They try how to modify their cars to be the winner. McLaren for example, for GP F1 2009 they preparing two cars design, why they do that? It’s related to KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) that have to deploy to all F1 teams. They have to design a machine that support green environment. Let’s see, how all teams F1 performance on GP 2009 with this new regulation.
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Friday, July 4, 2008

Does it works?

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One day, when my wife was mad of me, I gave her a new dress that she dreaming of and a box of her favorite chocolate, and also didn’t forget to slip the card with the magic lines :“Never knew I could feel like this, like I've never seen the sky before. Want to vanish inside your kiss and I love until the end of time”. I bet she would like it. But in fact, she took the dress and chocolate but threw the card and said that I was not creative taken the lines from the movie.

So guys, I suggest you to try the Ultimate Flirting Championship to get to know whether your lines are working with woman or not, and perhaps you can win Victory Hair from Extreme Style by VO5. Put the live widget on your blog so you can play it any time you want.
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FIFA Rank 2008

FIFA has published a new rank for Europe football on Wednesday, July 2, 2008. Spain as the Euro 2008 in first position and this is the first time Spain in the highest rank ever. Italy in second position, follow by the finalist Euro 2008, Germany in third position. Brazil in fourth position, follow by Netherlands in fifth position.

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The Power Of The 'Look'

How to get positive attention from someone that we like or love? Flirting is the one to get attention by someone that we love or we care. How? We have to make first impression in front of her or him, dressed well, try to keep your manner, and be yourself. You have to self confidence, but don’t have to be high confidence. Unconsciously, many people flirt to each other by sending them a unique code of the body or we can say by non verbal flirting, it shows by the body movement or body language, eye contact and others unique code, that try to get the right signal from the right people. It’s not easy to flirt someone and get an attention or good impression from them. You must have the ‘look’. The 'look' is the face you give others to spark their interest. Ones you get the attention, it easy to play the game of flirting and go to the next step of your relation.

If you like the fun of flirting, the way, the condition, the situation that passionate you and you want to practice your flirting skill, you have to try Extreme Style by VO5, the Ultimate Flirting Championship to improve and test your flirting skill. It’s a fun game, you must try out this game, who knows you will get the Victory hair. Go on try the game and be the winner.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008


Yesterday I accompanied my friend to buy a GPS (Global Positioning System). I think it's an interesting tool that help us to find the road, specially when we're in the countryside. This morning I am searching a GPS for my car on the Internet. There are so many products that offering by many vendor and its confusing me, which one I have to choose. Do you have any idea, which one is the best? I will continue my search tomorrow morning, and I hope I aleady have decision.
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Let's Join Payperpost

I love surfing on the internet, blogging, browsing interesting news from local or international or even searching for new gadgets and books. While I am surfing, I always see the site that offering to make money from the internet, is it really true? Or it’s only a big joke? I told to my wife about this site and she said that why don’t I try to open the site and learn how to make money from it! At the first time I opened some of the website that offering money like paid per click and paid per read email program. I tried to join the programs but the site did not satisfy my curiosity and I didn’t get well paid from this, until one day I found PayPerPost. The program asking me make a review on my blog about an advertisement and I see its new way to collect money. I think PayPerPost has a good program and the paid is very well. I share this experience to my wife and she’s interesting to follow my step to join PayPerPost. I will use the money that earned to buy a new sofa for my wife, new toys for my kids and a new laptop for me.

It’s easy to join PayPerPost. What you have to do is to fulfill their criteria, such as having 30 days old blog that contains 10 pre-existing post written in the last 30 days then you have to sign up to PayPerPost to start make some money like I did. If you’re blog get approve you have to write a review base on blog ethics. You have to write honestly to yourself and your readers about your thoughts on an advertiser’s product or service.
I think Payperpost is suitable for me and I love to join payperpost family and I think you will.

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Business Ethics

Tonight, I am studying Business ethics at my campus. I think it is an interesting topic, because I never realized that this study is very importance to the business performance. My lecture gives us some example on how some corporate or organization got collapse when they did not have good business ethic in their environment. Society will appreciate the company that has good ethics and can punish them if they don’t delivered good ethics buy refused their product or service.
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Fascinating "Dungeon Runners" online game


Everybody loves to play games, from child to adult love to play games and there are so many types of games like, educational games, RPG and Sport that play on console games and PC. Now the famous one is online games. I myself always play games about 2 hours a day at my pc, not including online games and my favorite games is RPG. If you like games too why don’t you try a new games “Dungeon Runner”. It is an online multiplayer action role-playing game with full of exciting magic, adventure, giant monsters, and icky things and there’s gnomes too as part of the games. The game players can obtain magical Bling Gnome that eat their unwanted items and turn them into gold.

You can get the games for free buy and WIN the $350 BestBuy Gift card. what you have to do is Dress your own store bought gnome with materials to bling him out and you have to dress up like Bling Gnome, take your picture and send it to your Bling gnome but don’t forget to register at Bling gnome first, you can go to and download your free game. Have fun with the new online games, maybe you are the lucky ones that can win the free game. If not you have to purchase and fell the new experience of new RPG games. You will not disappoint with the challenge on this games.

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