Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Are You Ready?

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When you crush on beautiful woman, you probably want to know everything about her, talk with her or even ask her for a date. The reality is that some guys are good with women and some are not. Which side are you? To help you get there today there are basic steps of “how to attract woman”, they are: get well dressed, smell good and be a more interesting person. And also don’t forget to style your hair. You should be looked neat at every occasions, but don’t follow Elvis’ or Superman’s hair style, I think it’s outdated. Try to create your own Victory Hair, it will show your true personality.

After all these steps, now are you confident enough to through all of this? Well, there is another important step as the final touch. It is learn how to flirt, most of women like it. You can learn how to flirt through a live widget called the Ultimate Flirting Championship from Extreme Style by VO5. It’s an on-line game where you are given some questions by a female judge, and try to answer all the questions with your best lines. And find out whether it’s working with woman or not. By putting the widget on your blog, you can play it any time. I’m sure it will help you to sharpen your flirting ability. Guys, now you are ready!
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