Friday, July 25, 2008

IT "Cisco" Certification

Have you ever wonder what is the job that always grows very fast? It’s IT, Yes, Technology development is changing very fast, every day, and every month even every year there’s a new technology that delivered to the world and its need a professional people to handle the technology. In other hand, career in IT is the best career, it’s always growth and I see the better future in this career. I myself, working in technology department and I feel that I must develop myself to increase my knowledge and my company aware with this issue. My company sees that our global world needed the best IT professional that have better qualification, good knowledge of new technology, well train, and have certification. Why we need a certification, because the trend right now, Company not only need a professional people, but they needed a specialist. Become specialist mean we have to enhancing our skill, knowledge and become high qualified people in IT career development. If you build your career in IT like me, you need to get yourself become certify and you can get this at Cisco certification. There are four level at Cisco certification; Entry, Associate, Professional and Expert level. Each level has its own specific programs.
Cisco certification is the best place for you to enhance your IT career. Even My Company encourages me to take the Cisco Certification in IP Networking and Security, because the rising of networking technology creating a high demand qualified IT specialist to support business and Cisco Certification equipped the trainee with the most up to date understanding of new networking technology and Cisco makes sure that its certification holders have mastered the skill needed in today’s workplace.
Career in IT is a good career, but you must have competency and high qualified skill. It’s time for you to get Certification and become professional. So come on enroll yourself at Cisco Certification and star to build better future in IT Career. What you have to do is click here “Cisco certification” and the future is yours.

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