Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fascinating "Dungeon Runners" online game


Everybody loves to play games, from child to adult love to play games and there are so many types of games like, educational games, RPG and Sport that play on console games and PC. Now the famous one is online games. I myself always play games about 2 hours a day at my pc, not including online games and my favorite games is RPG. If you like games too why don’t you try a new games “Dungeon Runner”. It is an online multiplayer action role-playing game with full of exciting magic, adventure, giant monsters, and icky things and there’s gnomes too as part of the games. The game players can obtain magical Bling Gnome that eat their unwanted items and turn them into gold.

You can get the games for free buy and WIN the $350 BestBuy Gift card. what you have to do is Dress your own store bought gnome with materials to bling him out and you have to dress up like Bling Gnome, take your picture and send it to your Bling gnome but don’t forget to register at Bling gnome first, you can go to and download your free game. Have fun with the new online games, maybe you are the lucky ones that can win the free game. If not you have to purchase and fell the new experience of new RPG games. You will not disappoint with the challenge on this games.

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