Thursday, July 10, 2008

Find Your Best Collection

I have a favorite band that I love it until now. I Love the band because their music is easy to listen and the lyric is easy to follow, so I am always singing their song all the time at any place, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, anywhere. Do you want to know who’s my favorite band is? Bon Jovi. I really love their song. It’s a rock and rolls but easy to listen. I know Bon Jovi from my big brother. He always plays Bon Jovi song all the time. I still remember the Bon Jovi song that he always plays, it’s Livin’On A Prayer. Livin’On A Prayer is a good song. When I heard this song, it’s full of energy and good lyric. Thanks to my brother that already introducing me to Bon Jovi

My brother is Bon Jovi collector. He has all Bon Jovi Albums. He even knows all Bon Jovi song and can memories the lyric very well. A few years ago he lost Livin’On A Prayer Album when we moving to our new home, we try to look for the album, too bad we can not find it anywhere. Recently I found a They have a huge rare collection. At I can find my favorite Rare Vinyl Records and Memorabilia. The good thing is my big brother can find his los Livin’On A Prayer collection at If you are album collectors too, you must stop by at and star collecting your favorite memorabilia. You will find many great things there, album song, clothes, CD and the best thing is you will have the best buy.

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