Thursday, July 3, 2008

Let's Join Payperpost

I love surfing on the internet, blogging, browsing interesting news from local or international or even searching for new gadgets and books. While I am surfing, I always see the site that offering to make money from the internet, is it really true? Or it’s only a big joke? I told to my wife about this site and she said that why don’t I try to open the site and learn how to make money from it! At the first time I opened some of the website that offering money like paid per click and paid per read email program. I tried to join the programs but the site did not satisfy my curiosity and I didn’t get well paid from this, until one day I found PayPerPost. The program asking me make a review on my blog about an advertisement and I see its new way to collect money. I think PayPerPost has a good program and the paid is very well. I share this experience to my wife and she’s interesting to follow my step to join PayPerPost. I will use the money that earned to buy a new sofa for my wife, new toys for my kids and a new laptop for me.

It’s easy to join PayPerPost. What you have to do is to fulfill their criteria, such as having 30 days old blog that contains 10 pre-existing post written in the last 30 days then you have to sign up to PayPerPost to start make some money like I did. If you’re blog get approve you have to write a review base on blog ethics. You have to write honestly to yourself and your readers about your thoughts on an advertiser’s product or service.
I think Payperpost is suitable for me and I love to join payperpost family and I think you will.

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