Friday, July 4, 2008

The Power Of The 'Look'

How to get positive attention from someone that we like or love? Flirting is the one to get attention by someone that we love or we care. How? We have to make first impression in front of her or him, dressed well, try to keep your manner, and be yourself. You have to self confidence, but don’t have to be high confidence. Unconsciously, many people flirt to each other by sending them a unique code of the body or we can say by non verbal flirting, it shows by the body movement or body language, eye contact and others unique code, that try to get the right signal from the right people. It’s not easy to flirt someone and get an attention or good impression from them. You must have the ‘look’. The 'look' is the face you give others to spark their interest. Ones you get the attention, it easy to play the game of flirting and go to the next step of your relation.

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