Monday, November 24, 2008



It was surprising me when I know that Obama won the Presidency Election and not only me who is surprise with the result but also my big family. He amazes me and I always wonder how he can reach that success until I read a report called Obamanomics. A report that full of detailed information on how Obama can reach so many supporters that make him won the campaign and put him as the new President of America. One of the importance things that make him won is the power of information. Obama used social media in his campaign. He knew how to use social media to become his weapon to communicate with his supporter.

Obama is very smart to use social media to get connect with his followers. In this way he builds a big social network to get contact and interact with his supporter and follower, he even can speak individually and directly to them. This report shows us how that social media is become the best tool to deliver a message. It’s the new way of marketing channel that McCain never realized. Compared to his rival McCain, Obama has dominated the web over 250%. No wonder Obama has become popular. You should read this Obamanomics report and see the detailed analysis and statistic how Obama won the campaign.
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