Monday, September 29, 2008


I am very interesting to invest my money and I have read a lot about investment. Don’t you know there’re various investment products on the market? There’re bond, like government bond, or you can invest in mutual fund or maybe in security and the most familiar is in deposit. All the investment especially security, bond and mutual have their own risk, even very risky. If you realize the risk it can make you bankrupts, off course it happens if your analytical is really bad, miscalculation and your prediction is very low. If I am considering all of the risks, I think I prefer invest in save investment like deposit, off course the gain is very low too. So what I have to do then? I need to invest in good investment with confidence with high gain too, but I really need a good advice, good analytical. I need a quality-investing tool that I can trust.

How can I do that? Lucky me, A few a days ago I read about Inner 8. It’s gives sophisticated tools for user to get good analytical. It’s building a community that gives us available analytical advice. Inner8 help us to build our smart, private, inner-cycle in easy ways and Its easy to create our own Inner8 circle, you can select your own group communities that can help you to make a good investment opportunities and the best thing is you can build your knowledge base, even you can contribute to share your ideas. So what are you waiting for, let’s joint Inner8, it will give you the answer you need before you make you investment decision.

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alex said...

hello marvel!

ayus sa kumikitang kabuhayan ah! hehe

i have a little request nga pala

can you change my old url ( / alex / retarded's notebook) to on your blogroll?

thanks thanks thanks!