Sunday, September 21, 2008

Profesional Camera

Professional Camera-Canon-Nikon-Pentak.
Its time for me to buy a new professional camera . I have two choice whether I buy Canon EOS Rebel Xsi Black SLR Digital or I have to buy Nikon D80 SLR.sengihnampakgigi
Both of them has their own benefit, if I compare by the price, Canon has the highest price than Nikon and both of them almost have the same feature. Recently my best friend told me to look at Pentax. It soon launch their new Pentax K-m DSLR camera with 10.2 megapixel Sony sensor.
Its equip with body stabilization, lighter and has 2.7 inch LCD display. The rumored pricing is lower than Canon and Nikon. I still dont know it's true or wrong, we'll wait when the times is coming. My best said I can rely on Pentax beside Canon and Nikon. Well I have to try it first before I made the decision to buy Pentax, right!

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Steven said...

you should by Canon EOS man, i used it too and it has a good pic, believe me.

duke said...


i have the nikon D80.

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