Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Zookoda" Drive traffic to your blog

Do you love blogging? And are you an active writer? If you do, you must be love when someone read your blog, your idea, your life story even your knowledge that you share at your blog. You must be love when the readers leave their comments at your blog. When they leave a comment means they linking to your blog at second hand you got traffic to your blog. Have you ever think to use email as your blog marketing and drive traffic automatically to your blog? Never! Then you should take a look Zookoda! What is Zookoda? Zookoda is an email marketing that enables blogger to send the latest post summary of your blog to your readers’ inbox. It is an easy way for you as blogger to promote new pos at your blog with Zookoda and attracting you visitor to return to your blog.

Zookoda enables you to schedule email marketing by daily, weekly or monthly and you free to manage your subscriber, free to design your newsletter, even create your own template. The best thing is Zookoda informed you with the real time reports to ensure that your email sent successfully to your visitor. If you already have valid RSS/Atom Zookoda will not replace it, because Zookoda is all Push Technology.

The great things of Zookoda is FREE for you, yes it is really FREE. You got free marketing gadget that help you to promote you blog and keep your blog audience informed. If you are really true blogger, you have to joint with Zookoda and enjoy traffic to your blog.

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