Thursday, June 26, 2008

Energy Saving with Dirt Devil "AccuCharge" Energy Star


Have you ever cleaned your house by yourself and no one help you to clean up your floor from food spilled, soda and not only food but also crumbs on your carpets, desk, even on your sofa? Can you imagine what a mess you got there if you have no one helps you to clean up the stuff? For me, I am going to be crazy if I have to do that.
Once, when our maid is taking off for couple days, my wife told me to buy a vacuum cleaner, but I’m not agree with her, buying vacuum cleaner means I have to spend more money in electricity cost, but she never give up pushing me to buy one and one day my wife introducing me with the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner that she had seen at her friend’s house. Well, in fact Dirt Devil is truly amazing, it’s exactly what I want, Dirt Devil with AccuCharge Technology has high-efficiency charging system that can reduce energy consumptions by 70%. AccuCharge is the first cordless vacuums to be Energy Star approved. Cleaning becomes fun and easy by using Dirt Devil Vacuums, I can save not only time but also money. Dirt Devil AccuCharge Technology cheers up my day. You should have Dirt Devil vacuums too.

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