Saturday, August 30, 2008

Google Talk

Google TAlk is a new way to talk with your friendsnerd, its simple, free, easy to use and it can send instant message too. I see it as the innovative technology by google that help us to communicate adacall more effectively, efficiently and of course its very cheap, because its freeee. Go download google talk and start chating with mesengihnampakgigi......Nooo you dont want to chat with nangih, well then you can try to chat with someone else, your boyfriend or girlfriend maybe, but you have to try this software, I think its cool, maybe it can defeate another chating software.sembah

Google Talk
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hendra said...

Cool man, lets try it, hope it better than ohter messanger, we can talk by video call too right. I'll let know asap I install the software ok..c u

Tera said...

aplikasi untuk chat sih udah banyak.. udah gak perlu under domain seperti YM & goggletalk..

meebo & ebuddy bahkan bisa kumpulin semua domain untuk chat lho..

erik said...

meebo ok juga tuh, bro cariin link buat download meebo doong, makin keren aja nih blog