Sunday, August 3, 2008

Control your "Credit Card" Spend

Credit Card? Do you know what is it? Of course you do and it’s very easy to apply credit card this days. There’re so many banks offering credit card and you can apply credit card manually or by online now. When you already have a credit card you have to be careful when used it, why? Because it can be your friend or it can be your number one enemy. It can be your friend if you treated it wisely, you should know what, when and where you have to spend your money. The important thing is you know very well your financial condition before you using your credit card. Especially when you already accept your first credit card; you will be impatient to spend their limit. Before you do that, you have to calculate your budget, keep in your mind if you used credit card you will have monthly expenses that you have to pay.

At the first time you apply credit card, you have to remember that you have to used your credit card wisely, use your credit card in emergencies condition only. Spending your credit card more than you can afford will make your credit card becoming your number one enemy, because you have obligation to pay the credit card every monthly and remember the interest is very high. You have to control yourself when you use it, remember it can be your friend or your enemies. Remember save your money is wisely than you spend for your credit card.
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