Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blogging with Blogspot

Blogspot is ......?fikir
Free Blogging!
yeaaaah you are right! but how to blogging with blogspot? it is easy and hard too, i think i will try to share my experience blogging with blogspot, because it fun to share knowledge with other? or maybe you can joint too, to share your opinion about blogging? of course base on your opinion? It's gonna be cool if we can learn together! The best way to study is by teaching somebody else, so you know your mistake..rightnerd

are you coming with me?sengihnampakgigi View blog reactions

1 comment:

fin said...

nice blog, you have here! I'm planning to have one, but i still dont know how to get a blog. is it really free? or i have to buy? where i have to buy? pls
i dont have an email right now, I'll let you know soon i have one