Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Make Money

Today I read blogs about making money online from blogging, I think it's very interesting topic in blogging activity. Indradiky blogs, is the first time blogs that make me interesting to make money online from the Internet. I see it's very attractive activities, what I should do just open my computer and reviews some advertising. Take a look at Indradiky blogs will encourage anybody to start to make more review to get paid. You can learn from there too, there're so many things from him that I can learn, how to make a good blogs, good review and the important things how to make our blog get read by the other. I starting my get paid review with Blogsvertise, the first time I get my review job I confuse how to start the review and how to write a good review. Thanks to Indradiky that guidance me from his email and his blog so I can make a good review and you know what, I get paid for the first time, not much, it’s only $2, but for the beginner I think that’s a big hit, right. View blog reactions

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Anonymous said...

menarik juga, gimana ya caranya, ajarin doong!!