Friday, March 21, 2008


Thanks God, its holiday, actually its loooong holiday, i can get rest from my all busy activity..I hope, at least I can hanging around with my family, even only go for shopping. Actually i dreaming to travel to out of town, Bandung for example or Puncak maybe, cause it's been a long long long time that we never i remember of course. Why Bandung, well I Love to eat so much,in every corner of Bandung you can find many delicious foods....hmmmmm yummmy...said ones ? ok how about Batagor...Just ordinary think you said?...Ok, how's bout dimsum at must be wonder, where's the hell is it right.ha..ha..ha, its my secret place, I'll take you there if we have time to go there, I'll send you the picture of the area, then you can find it by yourself. How's the Price?...Off course you still can treat me there...Ok c u. View blog reactions

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